Web Design and Redesign


‘So What’s This Going to Cost?’


We’ll be honest – for a website redesign, it would all depend on the work that needed doing. So we can only quote you a final estimate after we have all the details

Building a website from scratch, we would typically have an in-depth conversation with you to find out what you wanted to do, where you wanted to go, and how fast. We would then create a draft website for you to inspect, and only when you are happy would we charge and open your new creation to the general public. As we are a very new organisation, you will also benefit from our astounding prices, which will remain the same for at least one year whilst we are building up our client list. So here’s the rub – 

A basic website (maximum 5 pages) to your own specifications – £300

A more complex website (maximum 20 pages) to your own specifications – £500

A fully fledged website (unlimited pages and posts) to your own specifivations – £1000

Hosting on all websites is included for the first year and will be set up when you are happy with your new creation.

Initial contact for website design services should be made by phone or email at:

Phone: 07506 378 633

Email: raven@ravenwebdesign.biz